lyric متن Look At Me از XXXTentacion

Yeah, ay
Yeah, ay ay ay
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, ay
Ay, ay ay
I’m like $$$ , who is your man’s? (Aye)
Can’t keep my dick in my pants (Aye)
My $$$ don’t love me no more (Aye)
She kick me out I’m like vro (Aye)
That $$$ don’t wanna be friends (Aye)
I gave her dick, she amen (Aye)
She put her tongue on my dick (Aye)
Look at my wrist, about 10 (Aye)
Just got a pound of that boof (Aye)
Brought that shit straight to the booth (Aye)
Tommy my Hilfiger voots (Aye)
She said wanna ###, I do (Aye)
You put a gun on my mans (Aye)
I put a hole in your parents (Aye)
I just got lean on my ksubis (Aye)
I got an uzi no uzi
### on me, look at me, aye
### on me, yeah, look at me, aye
Look at me, look at me, yeah
### on me, yeah, aye
Look at me, yeah, ###on me
Look at me, ###…

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