Ooh, Shawty’s so high now
Shawty’s so high she popped a pill, now she call it superlife, yeah
She want me come over, ### her body, so she ### me all the night, yeah
Bitchies in the club sell their souls for drive to cloud nine, yeah
Seems like they will do everything to feel a bit alive
She ‘gon live it twice
Nothin’ that she wouldn’t do to try to feel alive
Don’t care if it’s right
She just wanna get a little taste of what it’s like
Superlife she gone live that (live that)
If you broke she ain’t with that (with that)
Super white, she ‘gone sniff that
Tryna get to a high she cain’t get back (get back)
Call me up, I know what she want
Someone to get high with, somebody to ### (everytime)
They call it suicide (suicide)
I call it…

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